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With a trolley luggage in hand, how to take photos to get feel

 News     |      2020-07-29 10:01
Every time when we travel, we always carry a big bag and small bag. At this time, the trolley luggage is indispensable. Therefore, we see the young people taking pictures of themselves when they are waiting at the airport or at the railway station.

Nowadays, selfie has become a travel main project before arriving at the hotel or after arriving at the destination, how can we selfie with a trolley luggage in the   unique scenery.
[strategy 1:Appropriate size: Trolley luggage]
The trolley luggage is too small to hold. You have to bring more bags! The trolley luggage is too big and bulky.it is very inconvenient ,It seems to be settle down. So what size trolley luggage should be chosen?
As follows:
[strategy 2: the style and color of clothes should be matched with the trolley luggage]
Some people like to wear black /white/ gray, some people like to wear hip-hop casually, and some love to boast and bright colors.Therefore, Dapu, as a professional manufacturer of aluminum trolley luggage, has developed different shapes and different patterns of trolley luggage, which are especially suitable for you to match different clothing tastes. Of course, you can also customize your own specific patterns, so you can find the one suitable trolley luggage for yourself.

[strategy 3: take the trolley case as part of the modeling]
Choosing a good trolley luggage to travel, you will like to travel. When you take the trolley luggage as a part of the clothing design, you will find that it can unlock more travel photos of the new posture, not only to pose in the scenic spots!

what are you waiting for? Let’s take the trolley luggage to travel quickly!